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Create your own virtual promotional pen!

Customized pens are available for as little as $200 (around £125), you can have ScreenDoodle customized with your company's message.  You can then distribute the software via whatever means you choose, without any further payments to us.  The program comes complete with an install program, so your users can install and remove the program with confidence. 

In addition to the pen, we can also provide highly customized versions for your target market.  For this purpose, we will need to enter a more detailed discussion as to what sort of pointer and ink will be required, so that we can agree on a fee to complete the work. 

Some examples of these customised versions can be found on the featured versions page. You can have your version listed here for an additional fee.

We will strictly limit the number of applications listed under featured versions to 20, and will not list anything on the site that is not suited for family viewing.  The listings on this site are links to your site only--you will need to place your redistributable version of ScreenDoodle on your own website, and will need to pay for your own bandwidth costs.

If you are interested in radical customizations, please email us