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ScreenDoodle - The virtual promotional pen

Instead of ordering thousands of promotional pens, why not try something unique, like a virtual pen.

With ScreenDoodle, your customers can scribble all over their desktop, and stay a click away from your website.

You can use it to relieve stress, leave hasty messages for colleagues, highlight an area on a program, or just have some fun. 

Redistribute as many copies of your pen as you like-for free.

ScreenDoodle is a freely distributable desktop enhancement, which allows you to doodle all over your monitor, what ever program is loaded. 

Once loaded using our full feature install/uninstall program you simply double click the small pen icon in the bottom corner of your screen, and up pops a drawing tool and start drawing. When you are finished, just press the Esc key, and your PC returns to normal.  Right click, and your customers can jump straight to your website.

Sample Doodles

Benefits over a traditional promotional pen

Many direct mailings are actually beginning to annoy consumers by including pens in every mailing. With more and more people working at computers, the time is now for a virtual promotional product. We see the following benefits

Try out one of our demonstration pens, and see for yourself.

System Requirements

About the company

ScreenDoodle is developed and distributed by Wieser Software Ltd., a UK private company.  The firm has been developing commercial software for the past many years, including software for the Formula I motor racing market.  All software is checked for viruses before being loaded onto our website.  ScreenDoodle was conceived by Daniel Bangham, and facilitated by Robert Abineri.